Saturday, 22 September 2012

Thou Art Mine

Unutterable love touched my heart
In the silence of solitude, when I met thee.
Love was thou, or thou, love
Was a beautiful mystery to me
My soul gazed into thy depth
And felt the gorgeous dewy morn
The pious hymn brought along a faith
Faith, which could never be gone
An innocent love swayed to a muted strain
Knew not the poison of pain
Time froze, no moment passed by
There reigned a passion so insane
Thou art miles away, still I feel you in me
Eyes can't see you but we meet
Every moment in my dreams
This love of mine is bathed in sanctity
Love, know it, feel it
When thou art there my world is lit
Listen and touch the notes in my entity

Thou art my heart, thou art my soul
Thou art mine for eternity. 


  1. You were born two centuries late, or maybe you are a re-incarnate of someone of that bygone era with strong connection to that past life! Your words, remind me of a cool, shaded courtyard...a girl writing of her love, who in my imagination, has gone to war in a distant land. It's the 1700s and love was pure. After exams are over, read "the Marriage Plot"...I'm sure you'll thank me, so 'you're welcome' :)

  2. I wish.... sigh! Still waiting for the gentleman from the Victorian era who knows how to treat a lady appropriately, what to speak and most importantly, how to love in a flawless way. I'd suggest you watch this Hallmark movie, 'The love letter' if you haven't already watched it. Will definitely read 'the marriage plot' the moment the chaos is over:)

  3. how can love be flawless?

  4. if its love it is flawless

  5. Hello Anonymous Reader,

    Thank you for stopping by. Flawless, is my way of saying unadulterated... When love is just love, not an addictive clinging or an ego attachment. When love is freedom, trust, understanding, care, prayer, blessing, loyalty, strength, togetherness, honesty and the most important thing, 'the soul connection'.... Did I leave something? :P.... If I simplify it, flawless love is being true to oneself and to another.