Friday, 21 September 2012


Whilst the moon gets possessed by her tranquil light,
Her laughing eyes mesmerize the darkest night.
The earth feels the warmth of her benign presence,
Every soul surrenders to her pious luminescence.

Once a pilgrim, she's the Goddess of the unknown,
Once a dreamer, she's the dream of every dawn.
She walks on the path seldom taken,
Known by the mortals, 'the mysterious maiden'.

Her soft touch takes in the most excruciating pain,
The aches inside, come out, as she feels the rain.
She heals with her words, the broken and wounded
She haunts the hearts and minds of the blinded.

She holds the joy of living in her eyes,
She strews the fragrance of peace into the skies.
She dances and sings; believes not in tomorrow.
Forever euphoric, she knows no sorrow.

She's the bloom of the Spring and the calm of Autumn,
She's the darkness of eclipse and the scorch of the sun.
A lot of orange, a bit of yellow and some electric blue,
Touching her heart, she says, 'I'm always with you'.


  1. Congratulations on your first blog post! I loved the images you conjured with your words. "A lot of orange, a bit of yellow and some electric blue" I love shades of flaming orange! :)

  2. Thank you so much... The colors indicate the aura of a person in different states of mind... Orange is for love, Yellow for happiness and electric Blue for a wise outlook :)

  3. Hey,
    Beautifully written poem!
    Enjoyed your choice of words; and the hauntingly beautiful imagery..
    Will await new posts- so do keep them coming :)

  4. Hey Ananya! Thanks a lot for the encouragement... Glad you liked it. Will write more and hopefully better :)

  5. Amrita..twas lik a speakin imag..hd I read dis nywhr els,I wud hv thought o u..hope 2 read u..moitreyee

  6. Moitreyee, thank you so much for the kind words.... Coming from you, they are precious...

  7. Sensitive narration.. That's to be expected of you... It's like the description of mother in a glorious way.. Indulge me with the thought process though...

  8. Dear Anonymous reader,
    Thank you for going through my poem and leaving a feedback. My thought process? 'Description of mother in a glorious way' won't be entirely false but I meant to describe a complete woman here. A woman who is a mother, daughter, sister, lover, a friend and a provider. A strong independent thinker, a decision maker, a nurturer ; in other words I attempted to describe the essence of womanhood...

  9. This is just beautiful.....Loved it :)

  10. Thank you so much Rebel... It means a lot. :)

  11. omg. i didn't know you wrote such a beautiful poem. hope you write some more and maybe someday we can collaborate. wish you all the best!

  12. I'd love that, Face! Thank you so much for the appreciation :)