Monday, 1 July 2013

Lines Written In July

This odorous morn as the heart sighs
I think of you.
Aren’t you the precious ephemeral dew
Kissing the blades of the grass in the meadow
Or mayhaps the fleeting shadow
That belongs to me,
On days when clouds rush past the sun.
A thought of you,
Sometimes is the drug that heals,
Sometimes is the poison that kills
Sometimes… it’s the fire which burns
Creates a lot of noise, petrifies the soul
Sometimes, like the raindrops,
Creates the aura of love
Fragrant, as the rain drenched earth
Soothing the agony it brought.
Just like the rain
You infuse the joy of living into me
You hold my heart 
As I paint the pictures with words
Just like the rain…
Drowning the chaos all around
Your presence lights up my essence.


  1. With a beautiful opening line, these perfect string of words and imagery makes a perfect ode to your ethereal muse. "dew, shadow, clouds, sun, raindrops" A great poetic ambience you create


    1. Thank you so much for the kind feedback. :)