Monday, 1 July 2013

A Pair Of Eyes

Midnight caresses  those dreamy contours
While the mirrors within reflect ebullience
Myriad emotions drift across the twin oceans
At times, trickling down in streams
At times, disappearing like the dreams
Like the fluttering frail wings of the butterflies
Soft veils touch those watery depths
Moistening and protecting the precious gems.

They are the portals to the soul within
Or cemeteries…
Marking the presence of two worlds
The known and the unknown.
The visible and the invisible.
A world that has words to emote
And a world without them…
A wordless world hidden in their soft gleam.


  1. Another great write! The eyes, on one hand, are a pair of important biological organs, on the other hand it truly is a "portal to the soul". It truly is a wordless world capable of bestowing upon its beholder the deepest emotions through the channel of silence. Alluding the pair of eyes to a cemetery is just brilliant. Innovative writing.


    1. Thank you so much, Nilotpal...It is very encouraging to get such a nice feedback from a poet as fine as you... Eyes.. The best thing about them is, even if they try, they cannot lie...