Tuesday, 16 August 2016

The 'to- do' List

Today, I will choose peace and happiness over everything else. I will stay in the present and do one thing at a time. I will eat healthy, be grateful for all the beautiful things that I have and I will watch my breath when unpleasant thoughts barge in. I will pray for people, I will pray for humanity and I will love unconditionally. After all that is done, we will drop the 'I' and be a part of the infinite.


  1. That's a wonderful to-do list. But it is so, so difficult to ward off the negative thoughts and be grateful all the time.
    Points To Ponder

    1. Thank you for stopping by :)...
      I agree, warding off negative thoughts isn't easy.. They will come as they are. What we can try doing is observe them without judging and focus on our breathing... It's amazing what happens next. They'll just fade away.