Sunday, 9 August 2015


Fifty two stories for fifty two Saturday evenings,
Drenched in love, a delicate, tender romance, he promises
He makes me believe in dreams set in paradise,
Chocolaty, sweet, warm, trickling down my essence.

The heart stirs, he smiles, and the chaos fades away,
With eyes shut, his arms around my waist, we sway,
Dancing away into our Universe, we live another day,
Yesterday imprinted on this day, keeping distance at bay.

We hold on to uncountable moments, past and present,
Living them over and over again, radiant and ebullient,
He whispers little secrets, about his desires and intent,
About us together, watching the sun's ascent and descent.

Words, his gentle words, flow like the wayward streams,
Meandering, never pausing, amidst the valley of dreams,
They paint beautiful portraits of love with varied themes,
With the happiest shades of a million, exotic light beams.

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