Monday, 30 December 2013

So, 'Twas You!

It's supposed to be read after this  :)

The sweet rosy redolence that lingered

Was you
The glimpse of that orange hood
Was the love hiding in you
The familiar, benign presence,
Was you
You are my wish come true.

Bliss and a surreal romance..

Gently seeped out of you
A fleeting glance and I knew
It had to be you
Then began, the beautiful prelude
Of the tale - me and you.

Enamoured of the titillation,

That was brought by you
I stood in the pristine abode
Singing songs of dreamy elation
For I met you
An intense joy gripped my heart
When I heard the whisper of your heart

It wiped off a stray ocular dew,

The warmth that came with you
Grief and pain slithered away
'Twas time for them to bid adieu
You were hope and a feeling so true
'Twas you - something good, something new.


  1. Beautiful words. I am passing the Sunshine Award to you. Please check this link: