Saturday, 28 September 2013

September - The Story So Far

Moisture laden restless breeze
Danced with a million trees.
So did her ecstatic heart.
Eyes glistened in a trance,
When another pair of eyes mirrored hers.
A beginning or happenstance, she wondered

Eyes spoke, laughed together
They dreamed, touched each other,
Love, a fine veil of love
Cascaded down, slowly, gently,
Creating a bliss like never before,
Summoning a magic, a romantic fervour.

Engulfed in love’s ever growing resplendence,
With straws of faith, peace and goodness,
The twin souls created a nest of togetherness.
He protected it with his steady might,
She nurtured it with her warm light.
Dreamers; they saw the end of a dark night.

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