Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Love Letter #1

Dearest B

There is this one question you’ve asked me a couple of times which I haven’t answered properly. Why do I love you? I’ve usually answered it with more questions like, ‘Why do I breathe?’ or ‘Why does my heart beat?’ I don’t want to give mushy answers which might change when I get mad at you. So I’ll keep it simple and true. I've always loved the 10 years old child within me. She likes to play, be happy and live in the present. The child’s friends grew up years back and she sadly went into a cocoon. She couldn't find anyone who would relate to her and it was disappointing. Then you came, with the 10 years old self within you, alive and kicking, drawing the shy child out of her shell. 

B, what do you see in her eyes? What she sees in yours is a glimpse of her purest self.

I don’t love you because of what’s apparent like your charming smile, your perfect hairstyle, your height, and the sweet words that you say (though I like them very much). I love you because of the warmth your hand radiates when you hold mine. I love you because being with you is peaceful and I feel emotionally protected. I love you because you are real and not a figment of my imagination. I love you because you let me love you.

Will always love you... Till the end and beyond.