Tuesday, 26 January 2016

A Beautiful Union

Eleventh day of the second month,
She heard the crackers going off in the distance,
The drums, trumpets, clarinets weren't making sense
Yet there was something happy about the noise,
She peeked through the window to have a glance,
The man she had lost her heart to stood there,
He smiled; her apprehensions drowned in its radiance.
With the fire deity as witness, the chants began,
There lingered an aura of divine luminescence.
Engrossed in a ritual, she got too close to the fire,
A strong grasp on the shoulder pulled her back,
She smiled, she knew, she'd be safe that moment on
She felt his eyes on her, she could hear them speak,
But she didn't look, for a glance was enough
To let the world know that her universe was in him
A secret universe of love and passion.
Then came the ritual, where they held hands.
Fingers clasped hard; his warmth seeped into her,
Eyes met and she promised to be with him forever.

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