Thursday, 17 September 2015

Love Letter #6

Dearest B

Let's run away. The hills are beautiful. We shall build a little cottage with a picket fence around. I'm sure SAP is interesting, so is Acinetobacter baumannii. But they are keeping us apart. The fast paced life is exhausting and not coming home to you compounds it. I'll not crib about it. Let's just run away and live one moment at a time. Let's be crazy together. Let's be happy together. I'll read out Byron's poems to you sometime, you read 'The old man and the sea' to me some nights. You, me and the books. It'll be a beautiful life. The dreamers will have longer,quieter nights to weave their dreams.

Yours Forever

1 comment:

  1. SAP is not even close to the sap of my
    I won't write much as I don't want the words to relish our misery, short lived misery ...