Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Love Letter #4

Dearest B

Days have been gloomy lately. I miss your presence, your warmth, your adorable, addictive smile... I miss sitting by your side with my head gently resting against your shoulder and talking incessantly about our quirks and dreams. I even miss the way you absentmindedly drum your little finger on your chin and the upper lip in an alternating way while you lie on your stomach, engrossed in a movie.

I understand, it's not the Victorian era where lovers at a distance would helplessly be waiting for a word from the faraway land. We talk, share umpteen pictures, uncountable messages everyday; why do I still find something amiss?  The answer is obvious.

This distance is essential, the world says. Acquiring knowledge and developing skills is important to survive and have a comfortable life. What's needed to be done, should be done without delay so that there's no space for regrets in the future. Ah, all the logic! It makes no sense to the dreamer.

She knows just one thing - Every bit of her loves you and will always love you.

Yours forever


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