Sunday, 6 September 2015

Chhena Poda

Chhena Poda, which literally means 'burnt cheese,' is a very popular sweet dish from the state of Odisha (eastern India). For all the curious readers, the details about this quintessential cheese dessert can be found online. Despite the title, this page too is about B, my husband. A beautiful memory got triggered while having the sweet tonight.

On a rain-kissed evening,
She sat by the window,
Day dreaming and sighing,
Watching the fireflies glow

I was a little disappointed because I was missing him and desperately wanted to see him. The rain has that effect every time. He lived in the other end of the city and had just got back from work so a request for a meeting would have been unreasonable. When he called, he immediately sensed my distress and asked, 'What'll make you happy now?' I said, 'Chhena Poda'. I love the sweet and was certain that it would be unavailable here in the southern part of the country. That was my way of telling him that I can't have the thing that'd cheer me up.

After an hour, I got a call from him again. He asked me to come outside. He stood there, smiling at me, holding a packet of 'Chhena Poda'. That instant, all the gloom just disappeared.

She ran into his warm embrace,
Planted a kiss on his cheek,
He looked around in a daze,
Like a little lamb, shy and meek.

We loped off across the road to a little eatery. It had begun drizzling again. All I did was stare at him with moist eyes and smile. How could he be so insanely perfect? I kept asking myself while relishing the 'Chhena Poda' that night. Well, that's something I still ask myself every day. He never ceases to surprise me. All his quirks, the way he showers his love is just divine. I am living my 'Happily Ever After' and am extremely grateful to the Universe for bringing us together.

If he reads this, he'll say, 'All she does the whole day is think about B'. Ah, well, I admit, I'm a little obsessed. Possessed, perhaps, would be a better word. Forgive me, but its only these memories that help me survive, with him so far away (6500 miles away). 

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