Thursday, 22 November 2012


It was an Autumn morning. As I entered the class on the first day of college, she was the first person I saw… Sitting in the last bench, scribbling something dreamily in a notebook. Somehow, that very moment I had known that this immaculately dressed, beautiful girl with long curly hair would be my friend someday. Her aura was that of a placid lake and her serene smile was something that’d make just anybody comfortabe around her. Well, these were my first thoughts about her. First year went by, we never got an oppurtunity to speak to each other. I knew her as someone extremely good in studies and she knew me as the girl with a keen interest in occult and metaphysics.

It was in the second year, we sat together in a class and began talking. The talk began with her queries on aura reading, horoscope, palmistry and moved on to just every little thing under the sun. It never felt like it was our first conversation. Unusual indeed, because I don’t bare my soul to people easily. That gleam in her eyes, that kind smile, her witty statements, that soft voice, everything seemed familiar. Witty statements. Statements which even stupefy me at times and make me think, 'Did she just say that?' I just can’t leave it at that. She has a way with words which is enviable. People get awestruck when she talks and make all efforts to not displease her. She is an Empress walking amidst the common people.. A thoughtful and gracious monarch (as Linda Goodman would say). Linda is a common friend of ours. Days went by, our bond got deeper and stronger. It wasn’t long before I realized, she is my soul sister. She mirrors my thoughts and ideas and I mirror her quirks and dreams. We both appreciate our dissimilarities and love our similarities... I’ve seen her grow as a person, fall in love with a man who is one of a kind, struggle to make that bond beautiful and win over all the hurdles to be with him forever. She’s the Spirit of unconditional love, joy, an inspiration for the idealists and the incurable romantics. I am very proud of her, this perfect lady.

By the third year of college, we became inseparable… We’d scare people around with imaginary tales and laugh about it later…Our conversations used to go on forever. We'd be oblivious to everything while talking. Being staunch believers in Lord Shiva, we wore the Rudraksh which made us look very holy. Only the ones who saw the devil inside knew we had a dark side and wisely stayed away. No, we weren’t evil. We just loved playing little pranks now and then. I was always pampered by her; she’d get me everything I needed even before I’d know it myself. I was especially very careless about my diet so she’d get me all the eatables I liked and arranged them in my cupboard. She’d clean up my room, put things in their places and then just stare at me with resignation. ‘When would you learn?’ she’d say quietly. Then when, she’d be worrying about perfection, getting too worked up with details or banging her head when things aren’t the way she'd like them to be, I’d roll my eyes and say, ‘When would you learn to take it easy?’ How I miss those days. Me and her against the world. The world looked silly then.

During the final year, we explored places for good food. Mainland China, was our favorite haunt. I remember, the day it opened in Guwahati, we went and had a buffet lunch that can feed four people. We ate like gluttons, had lots of jasmine tea and giggled with delight! Since then, whenever it’d be an important occasion like a birthday or an achievement significant for us, we’d invariably be seen there. We once even went into the kitchen to thank the chef for the wonderful food. As nostalgia grips me, I remember little sweet things like how she'd call me every fifteen minutes whenever I’d venture out alone(I have a history of getting lost even in the familiar surroundings) and how she’d make a fool out of the people in the Principal’s office to get my papers signed, as they'd dilly dally, waiting to be offered a bribe… (this is for her –Remember the Sankranti express? :P), she’d call up my Mom or Mom would call her up whenever I would be careless about receiving my calls (Yes, she’s my parents’ third child) and Mom often gives me lectures on how I should be more like her.

Distance has separated us but we are still connected by the soul. I feel it when things aren’t right for her just like she does when I am distressed. She got married last year on this day. This is just a little gesture to say that she is very dear to me and will always remain so. I feel bad I couldn’t be with her on her big day due to some unavoidable reasons and she makes me feel guilty about it now and then. (But Lady, as I have promised, I’ll be there when my Godchild is born. I pray, just like in the years that have gone by, our bond should be stable and strong. I am blessed to have you in my life). I'll stop here for now. I couldn't write everything I wanted to. Writing everything down wouldn't be justified even. Words, no matter how well they are used, can't depict the intensity of the feelings perfectly. 

Love and relationships are the biggest priorities for the two of us. I know how important and special this day is for you. Wish you and your beloved husband an eternity of togetherness. God bless you. Happy First Anniversary! :)

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